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Unlike Any Other Shopping Experience

Unlike Any Other Shopping Experience

Roseville Chamber of Commerce Insight Magazine,  JULY/AUG ‘14 ISSUE

Denio B&W 3_lrDenio’s Farmers Market & Swap Meet offers an unparalleled shopping experience. As a Roseville staple their longevity in our community has made Denio’s a part of many childhood memories and family traditions. They are much more than a farmer’s market and swap meet, just ask anyone who grew up in the South Placer region.

 Denio’s has had a long-standing partnership with the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and Denio B&W 1we are proud to call them one of our most loyal members. Coincidentally, the Roseville Chamber and Denio’s opened their doors the same year in 1947. Like many businesses from that era they chose to start-up in Roseville due to its growing community containing an attractive agricultural area and convenient location next to the railroad.

Many people who grew up in the area will tell you about their experiences at Denio’s as a customer, vendor or employee. Denio’s has been many people’s first job or families’ weekend activity. Their IMG_0095long-running success is attributed to their solid business practices and their commitment to their employees, vendors and customers. Denio’s strives for consistency with everything they offer every weekend which keeps their customers and vendors returning and happy. Ensuring a great experience, Denio’s employs a large full-time maintenance crew during the midweek to assure the venue is consistently clean, safe and ready for business every Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

 Stop by this weekend, as there’s always something new going on in their market. TheirFiretruck Picture - 5 generations farmer’s market can’t be beat with more than two acres of fresh produce. Denio’s Farmers Market & Swap Meet provides their customers an incomparable outdoor shopping experience. Where else can you pick up everything you need with an ice cold beer and corn dog in hand while doing all your weekend shopping? Spend your weekend at Denio’s Farmers Market & Swap Meet!


Take a peek this week

Take A Peek This Week

52% Below Retail

We’re proud of our Farmers Market – after a recent survey of surrounding area stores, we discovered that our produce is on average 52% below retail.  We even found that several items were priced as low as 80% below what others are selling it for.

Not only can you enjoy a variety of traditional and specialty produce that can’t be found in local grocery stores, at Denio’s, the fresh vegetables and fruit is ripe and ready to eat.  No more waiting for your bananas to ripen over a weeks time…. Ripe and Ready to Eat – that’s what you’ll find at our Farmers Market.

Come out this week and take a peek!



Start or Grow a Profitable Flea Market Business

Get Started This Weekend!  Start or Grow a Profitable Flea Market Business

Learn how to:

Maximize your sales by leveraging technology and using up-selling/cross-selling techniques.

  1. Merchandise your booth so that it speaks to your target customer and is organized to encourage sales.
  2. Promote your business without relying on the flea market to bring your customers.
  3. Engage, retain and satisfy your customers.
  4. Find merchandise to resell, set correct pricing and get the highest return possible for your products.

Flea Market Vendor Training Webinar:

Visit VIA TRADING’S Website for more information on product and services they offer:


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You’ll find it all at Denio’s

You’ll find it all at Denio’s

Friday Farmers Market

Denio’s Friday Farmers Market

Join us every Friday from 9am to 2pm.  Parking is FREE,!  Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, stroll the aisles of new and used merchandise – and stop in at the Farmers Market (located on the Z-5 row), for fresh fruits and veggies.  Swing by and have lunch, we have some great Friday Specials!