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Shopping at Denio's can be fun, exciting, and save you money! For 75 years now, people from all walks of life have been buying produce, new and used merchandise, antiques, specialty items, and who knows what else! Many of our vendors have been with us for years and have raised their families while selling at Denio's  . Our customers regularly comment on the variety and selection of goods that are presented for sale each weekend. Always the freshest, most abundant selection of produce available anywhere, our produce market continues to be second to none! New and used goods dot the entire market and provide "the thrill of discovery" in looking for that unique "bargain" or "just right" item that keeps people coming back.

We love all Pets! However, Denio’s is not the place for them. Dogs that are small enough to be held or pushed in a wagon are welcome.  Occasionally we get people that bring their big dogs on a leash, but please leave them at home.  The pavement is not healthy for their paws, it gets very hot and the walkways are driven on regularly by vehicles and leaves an unhealthy residue.  Service animals assisting you are always welcome! All service animals should be easily identified (via a vest, harness, or tags). Animals should never be left unattended in vehicles.

Denio's is spread over almost 70 acres so it's easy to get turned around or even separated. We suggest groups plan ahead.

  • Does everyone know where the car is parked?
  • Do you have each other's cell phone numbers, just in case?
  • Some groups use walkie-talkies, how about you?
  • Remember to bring your shopping cart.
  • How about a wagon, to pull around that “tuckered out” young one?
  • Pre-designate a place to meet up.

On Saturday and Sunday parking is only $5 in our Main Lot and $6 in our Preferred Lot, there are no return privileges.  Parking is always FREE on Fridays!  If you do not park in our parking lot, there is a $3 walk-in fee for everyone 12 years old and up.  This walk-in fee does not apply to those who park in our parking lot.  We have plenty of spaces available for persons with disabilities. But remember, official unexpired placards or license plates must be visible. Motorcycle parking spaces are also available.


While our lots are monitored, please be responsible, lock your vehicle, and do not leave valuables where others can see them.

Bargains! Bargains! Bargains! Many of our vendors welcome “haggling” or negotiating a price. Others may have a set selling price. But, it never hurts to ask. Denio’s does not set selling prices, refund and/or exchange policies, so if you are not sure of the vendor's policy, make sure you ask before you purchase.

Need a receipt?  Ask the vendor.

Customers are amazed by the tremendous variety of items that can be found at Denio’s on any given weekend. We work hard to make sure that the products sold here are safe, beneficial, and wholesome for the entire family. In addition to our many vendors who sell new products, our day vendors who have just cleaned out their closets and garages provide an ever-changing variety of great deals on used treasures. Things you might find:

Hand Bags/Backpacks
Home Décor
Tools of all kinds
Small Appliances
Car Upholstery Fabric
Western Items
Garage Sale Items
Sports Memorabilia
Comic Books
Mexican Candy
Prepared Food
Indoor Plants
Tile of all kinds
Pet Supplies
Jewelry Repair
Insurance Services
Landscaping Plants
Garden Décor
Foam for all reasons
Restaurant Equipment
Decals of all sorts
Home Improvements
Bedroom Sets
Gifts of  the World
Fresh Produce
Sun Glasses
Birds & Supplies
Wrought Iron Decor
Wicker Furniture
Car Audio Equipment
Banking Services
Cell Phone Accessories
Auto Parts/Accessories
TV’s of all sizes
Real Estate Services
Army Surplus
Hardware of all sorts
Granite Countertops
Trading Cards
Outdoor/Yard Tools
Beef Jerky/Sauces
Fresh Fruit
Crafts/Hobby Supplies
Framed Mirrors
Baby Items
Maternity Clothes
Dash Covers
Musical Instruments
Dollar Box Goodies
Clothing for every age
Silk Plants
Hair Accessories
Biker Leathers/Helmets
Decorative Swords
Sundry Items
Toys-all shapes & sizes
Leather Goods
Kettle Korn/Honey
Satellite Networks
Dried Items
And Much More!

You just never know! What you see today, you may not see tomorrow, so don’t pass up the deals!

Be sure to bring something to carry your purchases in, like a shopping bag, cart, or small wagon. For larger purchases, be prepared to move your purchase to your vehicle. Some vendors have equipment to assist you, but many do not. Please keep in mind, Denio's does not provide this service.

(Tip! If you plan to purchase a large item from a vendor, bring your own hand-truck or dolly just in case!)

Hey, by the way, please don't bring any of  the items listed below:

We strive to maintain a safe, family friendly atmosphere, and those items listed here are not conducive to this environment.  This list is not intended to be all-inclusive but rather a sampling of those items we deem inappropriate for our market:

  • Your own alcoholic beverages
  • Roller blades or skates, skate boards, scooters
  • Bicycles (bicycle racks are provided at the walk-in gates)
  • Weapons, illegal drugs, or controlled substances
  • Glass containers
  • Your pets

If you have a question, please call in advance.

Dress casually, comfortably, and according to the season. Denio's is open all year, rain or shine! Wear good, comfortable walking shoes. In warm weather, wear a hat and sunglasses and don’t forget your sun block. And, if you’re okay with a little cold or wet weather; hats, gloves, scarves, and ear muffs are a big hit.  The temperature changes as the day goes on; we suggest you wear clothing in layers so that you can adjust accordingly.

What not to Wear

Outer clothing that is offensive, consisting of but not limited to: words/pictures/symbols of a profane, pornographic nature, discriminatory/harassing/bullying or clothing depicting or related to “gang” activity is not acceptable and will not be permitted on our grounds. Persons choosing to wear this type of clothing at Denio's will be asked to cover it completely, change into more appropriate attire, or leave the market.  Clothing of this style is not conducive to our family friendly atmosphere.

Please consider the needs of those in your party, young and young-at-heart, when it comes to the weather and lots of walking.  We encourage you to take a little break, Denio’s has many seating areas, some covered, some uncovered.  And, when the heat is on, you can enjoy our misters located throughout the selling yard.

We take the safety and comfort of our guests and visitors very seriously, especially those little ones.

All of Denio's employees working outdoors wear either bright yellow or blue Denio's vests and carry radios.  Additionally, some carry cell phones for assistance.

Parents, please teach your younger ones to find a yellow or blue vest if they can't find you.  Also, take note of how your children are dressed so you can provide us with their description should you get separated.

Parents who are separated from their children will want to contact any Denio’s employee or call our Rental Office at (916) 782-2704. One of our team members or management personnel will respond to your location immediately. Children are usually fairly close by so it's better to stay put.

We encourage all parties to make plans to meet up at a set location should anyone in the party become separated. The windmill at the edge of the parking lot is highly visible, a great place to meet up.  Or, our Rental Office is centrally located in the yard, just look for the two-story metal building on the north side, along Vineyard Road. It's also a great location to meet-up.

If you've lost an item, we will be happy to check our lost and found bins:
•    Stop by or call the Rental Office at (916) 782-2704
•    A Denio’s Team Member can contact the Rental Office by radio.

If you have found an item, we can assist in returning the item to the rightful owner:
•    Contact our Rental Office at (916) 782-2704.  We will have someone respond to your location to pick the item up.
•    If you are near the Rental Office, please turn it in to lost and found. The Rental Office is open Fri 8a-4p, Sat 7:30a-3:30p, Sun 7:30a-4:30p.
•    Any Denio’s employee in a yellow or blue vest can assist by making radio contact with appropriate personnel.

We have six ATMs in convenient locations throughout the market. During the busiest times of the day, there could be a line.

(Tip! In order to save your shopping time, you may want to consider stopping by an ATM before arriving on the grounds.)

Although Denio's does not provide loading or moving services for those items you have purchased, we do provide loading zones. There are ample loading zone areas available where the selling yard meets the parking lot.  If you have any questions, please find and ask someone in a yellow or blue Denio's vest.  Loading zones are for the convenience of all shoppers, please be courteous and be aware.  Loading zones are limited to a 10 minute time frame and are also posted tow away zones should you choose to park for an extended time period.

One of our parking lots is located at the corner of Atkinson Street & Church Street, adjacent to Denio’s (Lot 5). Any person parked in that lot may request a vehicle transfer to the main lot for the purposes of picking up larger purchases. Simply stop by the ticket booth as you exit  Lot 5 and request a transfer from the parking booth attendant. The attendant will notify the main lot of your vehicle description, after which you can proceed to the main lot. Upon reaching the ticket booths for the main lot, let them know you are a transfer. Once the transfer is confirmed, you will be allowed to enter. Parking lot transfers are designed for immediate use only. Denio's has a No Return Privileges policy on Saturday and Sunday.

At the end of each selling day, customers may request the opportunity to enter the market with their vehicle to pick up large purchases.  (Please note that for safety reasons, the time the market will be opened for this purpose is solely at the discretion of Denio's Management. Vehicles will not be escorted in prior to the market being opened.)

Many vendors provide generators or other means of testing electrical appliances, tools, or equipment you may be considering for purchase. Denio's also provides electrical testing outlets at four convenient locations. Our team will be happy to direct you to the nearest location.

Perhaps your question is not about an electrical appliance, but rather about testing out a bicycle, scooter, or mini-bike. For safety purposes, Denio's does not allow testing and/or demonstration of these or similar types of items in our facility, including our parking lot.