Family Owned & Operated

jim_and_marileeDenio’s Roseville Farmers Market was founded in 1947 by Jim and Marilee Denio. It began small, with a single individual selling produce near the Southern Pacific Railroad Yard. Before long, the Saturday “Auction” by Mr. Denio became the main highlight at Denio’s. Soon, other vendors began to rent space from Mr. Denio and sell their products. In time, the Farmer’s Market developed into a local Saturday event. As word spread throughout the valley and foothills, other sellers of all types of commodities became a part of the Farmer’s Market.

By the early 1960s, Denio’s was known as the largest, cleanest, and most efficiently run Farmer’s Market, Auction, and Bazaar in California. In the 1960s Denio’s grew in size and reputation but remained open only on Saturdays. It wasn’t until 1969 that Sunday operations were implemented.

The 1970s and 1980s saw an influx of weekend vendors selling all types of merchandise. To accommodate these people, a portion of the sales lot was reserved for them to set up and sell directly from their vehicles on a daily basis. Denio’s was built on the premise that an open air market provides the opportunity for a seller to operate a retail business in a high traffic area with the lowest possible overhead costs, and in turn, to pass those savings on to the customers. It is the primary goal of Denio’s to provide our guests and vendors a clean, friendly atmosphere with the best possible service, unique products, and great deals. We are dedicated to maintaining a relaxed, family-friendly environment, which lends itself to the mixture of the thousands of people who attend each weekend.

jim_and_ken_at_deniosDenio’s has always been a family-oriented venture. As the auction grew, so did the Denio family. Soon, Denio children and grandchildren could be seen working at the auction. On Monday, January 3rd, 2000, James A. Denio, our founder, died of heart failure at the age of 79.  On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Marilee H. Denio, our co-founder, died peacefully at the age of 94.  Jim & Marilee Denio never stopped working to improve the business. They knew the importance of family, honesty, and hard work. Just as importantly, they appreciated each and every vendor and employee. They realized that they all had helped to make their business a success.Dad Eric & I (1 of 1)

Today, Jim and Marilee’s son, Ken, along with his children Eric & Tracie, carry on the family business by maintaining the same values and traditions started by Jim & Marilee over 70 years ago. With four generations on hand to serve you, and the fifth not far behind, Denio’s will continue to offer you fresh produce and bargain merchandise for years to come.