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If you would like to join our group of vendors, whether it’s a garage sale for yourself or a group sale with your friends, neighbors, or organization; or if you own or manage a business and would like to reduce your inventory fast; or if you are interested in selling produce, then come on out to Denio’s this week and let us show you how easy it is to sell where thousands of people can see your merchandise! We’ll have a space for you and you can find out for yourself why Denio’s is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, rain or shine!

Selling at Denio’s can be fun, exciting, and very profitable. Since 1947, people from all walks of life have been successfully selling new and used merchandise here. Many of our vendors have been with us for years. New generations of those families are now selling at Denio’s, carrying on their family’s business. Our customers regularly comment on the variety and selection of goods that are presented for sale each weekend. Always the freshest, most abundant selection of produce available anywhere, our produce market continues to be second to none! New and used goods dot the entire market and provide “the thrill of discovery” in looking for that unique “bargain” or “just right” item that keeps people coming back to see “What’s new at Denio’s”!

 Interested in selling packaged food?  Give us a call at (916) 782-2704 to discuss your options.