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Reservations – Produce

One Day Reservations… Starting at $35 per day, Cash or Credit

  • A Daily Reservation is for Saturday OR Sunday of the current weekend.
  • Vendors sell only one day, set-up & tear down is on the day of the reservation, Friday set-up is not available for a One Day Reservation.
  • Come to our Rental Office on the Friday of the weekend you wish to sell.  Reservations are sold between 8a and 4p.  We encourage you to come early.  We will drive you around the grounds to show you available spaces that may suit you.
  • Daily Reservations are renewable.
  • Remember to bring:  Buyer’s License or other permit if you are required to have one as well as your driver’s license to make the reservation. (see permit information below)
  • Please note – if you or anyone in your party arrives after 7:00a you will be charged the parking fee.
  • Reserved spaces are expected to be open at 7:00a to the public.  Reservations will be considered at “no-show” if spaces remain empty.  These spaces can be sold.

Weekend Reservation (Saturday & Sunday)… Starting at $49 for the weekend, Cash or Credit

  • If you would like to choose your own space in advance, reserve it to sell on Saturday and Sunday, have early Friday set-up, and the freedom to leave your merchandise on the grounds overnight, then a weekend reservation is the option for you.
  • Come to our Rental Office on the Friday of the weekend you wish to sell. Reservations are sold between 8a and 4p. We encourage you to come early. We will drive you around the grounds to show you available spaces that may suit you.
  • Remember to bring: Buyer’s License or other permit if you are required to have one as well as your driver’s license to make the reservation. (see permit information below)
  • After choosing a space and completing your reservation you may begin setting up your space on Friday, set up times vary by selling area, so bring your merchandise with you! The market must be vacated by 4:30p.
  • The main gate opens Saturday and Sunday mornings at 5:30a for vendors to come in and set up.
  • Please note – if you or anyone in your party arrives after 7:00a you will be charged the parking fee.
  • Reserved spaces are expected to be open Saturday and Sunday at 7:00a to the public. Reservations will be considered a “no-show” if spaces remain empty. These spaces can be sold.
  • Reservation Renewal – If you decide you would like to keep the space for the following weekend, it’s simple! Just pay for the space before 4:30p on Sunday. If you have paid for the following weekend, you can leave your merchandise in the space through the week; however, please be aware that all merchandise left overnight or throughout the week is left at your own risk. Denio’s assumes no responsibility or liability for your merchandise or property left on the premises.
  • If you decide you would like to find another space in the market, vacate your current space by Sunday closing and we can meet again the following Friday and find a new one!

Monthly Reservations…Starting at $35 for each weekend of the month, Cash or Credit

  • Monthly Reservations are for both Saturday and Sunday for the entire month.
  • There is no transferring or movement between spaces, mid-month with a Monthly Reservation.
  • Monthly Reservations are renewable.
  • Please call (916) 782-2704 to inquire further.


    Produce Buyer’s License: Required for vendors buying produce for resale:

    Scale Certification Stickers: Certification stickers can be obtained from any county within the State of California.

Farmers Market Info

General rules governing the farmers market

Vendor Hours
Friday 8:30a to 4:30p
Saturday & Sunday 5:30a to one hour after public closing

Public Hours
Friday 9:00a to 2:00p
Saturday 7:00a to 3:00p & Sunday 7:00a to 5:00p (All Vendors must be open at 7:00am)

  • Signage & Scales – All produce must have proper signage displaying the price per pound or the price of each item. Attaching signage to any walls, pillars, or tables, or the use of nails or staples for any purpose, is strictly prohibited. Certified scales (certifications are by Dept. of Weights and Measures) are required and must be maintained in good condition.
  • Space Boundaries – Produce spaces are clearly defined. Vendors must ensure that all product remains within the boundaries of vendor’s spaces to allow clear ingress and egress by customers.
  • Safety & Sanitation – Denio’s, with the help of the vendors, works diligently to maintain a clean, sanitary and safe environment for customers. Vendors are responsible for continuous cleanup and sweeping, out to and including the middle of the aisle, both in the front and back of spaces. It is imperative that walkways and pathways be clear of fruit and vegetable debris as well as boxes at all times.
  • Trash – On a daily basis, all vendors are expected to remove all of their trash, debris, cardboard and spoils from the premises. Denio’s does not collect nor provide disposal services for the vendors. Denio’s provides sinks throughout the produce area for the purposes of sanitary hand-washing only by both vendors and their employees. These sinks are NOT for washing produce. No further produce processing may take place on our premises. Trash removal is a costly venture. Enforcing trash removal policies may result in fines, billing accounts, or exclusion from selling at Denio’s. Trash cans are strictly for the use of customers, not vendors.
  • Sunday Night Closing – Every Sunday night, vendors must remove all produce, empty boxes, pallets, bins and tubs from their produce spaces. Grocery vendors may leave only those items that are not perishable and are sealed, no bagged product. There will be no storing of any produce or perishable products throughout the week on the premises. Denio’s regularly cleans the yard mid-week and will not be responsible for any product left. Any exceptions will be by Denio’s Management, exclusively.

Produce Handling Details

  • All produce must be sold in its natural state. For example, corn must be in the husk and sugar cane must be sold in whole stock. Cactus stickers may be scrapped. Vendors may not pre-bag fruits and vegetables for sale to customers. All customers must be allowed to make their own choices. Red, white, and yellow onions are the only exception – these may be pre-bagged onsite up to 5 lbs. No 50lb. bags of any product may be sold. No produce items may be sliced, diced or otherwise altered.
  • Any fruits or vegetables brought in bagged by the packing plant (regardless of bag size) must be emptied onto the produce tables, again so customers may make their own choices. This includes, but is not limited to: bags of potatoes, onions, oranges, carrots, and corn. Cauliflower coming from the packer individually wrapped may be sold in wrapped form. In addition, grapes coming from the packer in clear flow-thru bags may be sold in bag form.
  • No pre-cut or pre-mix salad or vegetable snack mixes are permitted. Fruits or vegetables may be cut open for display of quality only; However, no slicing, dicing, chopping, or any preparation which further processes a product for the public, whether intended for consumption on the grounds or at home will be allowed. Changing a product from its natural state constitutes further processing. Sampling of any product requires certain conditions be met. Please contact Denio’s Management for details.

Products other than produce

Only vendors approved by Denio’s may sell any product other than produce, such as grocery items, candy, breads, piñatas, etc. All products sold and the portion or size sold must be approved by Denio’s. Any changes to each vendor’s approved product list must be submitted in writing and approved by Denio’s. All vendors approved by Denio’s must provide and maintain the appropriate permits necessary to sell these other products. Having the necessary permits to sell other products will not guarantee that Denio’s will approve a vendor to sell those products.

CalFresh, SNAP Program at Denio’s

Denio’s has become the largest Sacramento-area Farmers Market to participate in the federally-funded food assistance program for low-income families.
California is further expanding its CalFresh Program for food assistance by including Denio’s, Northern California’s largest open air market. The CalFresh Program, formerly known as Food Stamps and federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), helps to improve the health and well-being of qualified households and individuals by providing them a means to meet their nutritional needs. The CalFresh Program provides eligible recipients with assistance through the convenient use of a debit card.


The state-issued debit cards will now be accepted to purchase items at Denio’s expansive produce market, which includes over 130 spaces in the produce area operated by over 70 vendors selling a wide array of affordable fruits and vegetables as well as other food and plant products eligible under the CalFresh program. On a seasonal basis the numbers of vendors or farmers are even higher bringing their unique products to the market.


Denio’s has developed a token, exclusive to their market that will be provided to customers for use with this program. Customers will bring their CalFresh debit card to Denio’s token office located in the produce area. The card will be swiped for the customers requested dollar amount and once approved the customers will receive the dollar value in tokens to be spent just like cash with the participating vendors for eligible food items. There is no “fee” to use the food debit card at Denio’s.


Fines may be imposed for each violation and/or License Agreement may be revoked.