One Day Sale – Produce

One Day Sale – Produce

If you’d like to sell for one day, then our Daily Rental is the choice for you.  No advance reservations are required.  Day vendors are those vendors setting up, selling, tearing down and vacating the same day.  We accept cash, credit and debit cards.

  • Produce Day Vendors enter through the Main Entrance, gate opens at 5:30am.
  • Produce Day vendors have two choices for space prices.
  • SATURDAY NEXT AVAILABLE: A Next Available Space is $25 on Saturday.
  • SUNDAY NEXT AVAILABLE:  A Next Available Space is $30 on Sunday.

 Our parking crew will direct you to the next available space in the farmers market area. This choice is most economical and suits most vendors well.

  • SATURDAY PICK: A Pick Space is $50 per space on Saturday.
  • SUNDAY PICK:  A Pick Space is $55 per space on Sunday

This is for the vendor who is familiar with our farmers market and knows the area they would like to sell in.  Pick spaces are first come, first serve.  No one may hold a pick space for another person.  This type of space must be immediately occupied by a person, with product and a valid License Agreement.

  • Daily Vendors needing electricity will be charged $5 for electricity, plus the “pick” price of $50 (Saturday) or $55 (Sunday).