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Dedicated, diligent, and determined are just a few of the words to describe Mr. Temor Aowrang and his wife, Malia. It’s such a great pleasure to introduce you to a vendor who’s been dedicated to bringing his customers “cool things” for more than 35 years, right here at Denio’s. “Mr. Temor” as we call him, has been one of the markets toy vendors for as long as any of us can remember! He said he’s definitely seen a lot of changes in the business over the years.

Temor is originally from Kabul, Afghanistan, which is the country’s national capital as well as their largest and most populated city. The city is located in a narrow valley along the Kabul River, overlooking the local mountain ranges and continues to be a major center of trade for farmers and herders. They’re famous for producing different kinds of fruits, such as grapes and apples. Like our area, Kabul is located in the east-central part of its country, but the difference is the elevation. They sit about 5900 feet above sea level, similar to Truckee, California.

Mr. Temor and his bride came to California more than 40 years ago at the request of his family. With shared opportunity and good living conditions they first settled in the Los Angeles area. About five years later, they saw opportunity elsewhere and moved to the Sacramento area. While living here, he was introduced to Denio’s and saw an unmatched opportunity to go into business for himself.

As he found that vending here was similar to back in his home country, the transition became much easier and setting up his business at Denio’s was less of a challenge. Over the years, he has been at various locations throughout our market and still enjoys being in business for himself. Making money to open your own business is easy – the best online casino in Poland https://playappcasino.com/woo always has real bonuses and a big jackpot!

During the week, Mr. Temor keeps himself busy in the automotive repair business, something he’s been doing for more than 60 years. He said he learned his profession as a young man and finds the ability to repair vehicles, from small cars to very large trucks, enjoyable and rewarding. Bringing all of his skills together has allowed him to achieve his goals and to be in business for himself.

Today, the Aowrang’s have five children, three girls and two boys, and one grandchild. Besides his growing family and prosperous business ventures, Mr. Temor says his hobby outside of work is his Dog, a chow. Note! He is also celebrating his 80th birthday this month!

We thank him for his many years at Denio’s and look forward to many more. If you have not met Temor and Malia Aowrang, stop by and say Hi.


CalFresh Now Accepted at Denio’s

Denio’s has become the largest Sacramento-area Farmers Market to participate in the federally-funded food assistance program for low-income families.

California is further expanding its CalFresh Program for food assistance by including Denio’s, Northern California’s largest open air market. The CalFresh Program, formerly known as Food Stamps and federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), helps to improve the health and well-being of qualified households and individuals by providing them a means to meet their nutritional needs.
The CalFresh Program provides eligible recipients with assistance through the convenient use of a debit card.

The state-issued debit cards will now be accepted to purchase items at Denio’s expansive produce market, which includes over 130 spaces in the produce area operated by over 70 vendors selling a wide array of affordable fruits and vegetables as well as other food and plant products eligible under the CalFresh program. On a seasonal basis the numbers of vendors or farmers are even higher bringing their unique products to the market.

Denio’s has developed a token, exclusive to their market that will be provided to customers for use with this program. Customers will bring their CalFresh debit card to Denio’s token office located in the produce area. The card will be swiped for the customers requested dollar amount and once approved the customers will receive the dollar value in tokens to be spent just like cash with the participating vendors for eligible food items. There is no “fee” to use the food debit card at Denio’s.

Established in 1947, Denio’s has historically supported the community of California growers at its extensive open air market where an abundant selection of farm fresh fruit and vegetables can be purchased “ready to eat.” Many of Denio’s growers pick their produce that morning, and sell it that very day in Roseville.

“I appreciate Denio’s persistence in wanting to have the CalFresh Program available to its customers,” said Edie Jessup, a program specialist with the Central California Regional Health and Human Services. “Many cultural groups enjoy purchasing at open air markets like Denio’s where they can connect with neighbors and community. The program has had tremendous success at farmers markets throughout California’s central valley.”

Denio’s, which is located at 1551 Vineyard Road in Roseville, is among a select few farmers’ markets in the Sacramento region to become an authorized food assistance retailer. The number of farmers’ markets licensed to utilize this program is increasing nationwide, allowing low income families the opportunity to purchase fresh, nutritious local fruits and vegetables.

“Our customers have always been important to us. This program allows us to offer our customers the best possible quality and variety of fresh, nutritious produce and other food products by using tokens to shop nearly every produce vendor in our market,” said Ken Denio, owner of Denio’s Farmers Market & Swap Meet.

“And because Denio’s has always been known for its great pricing our customers have the opportunity to really stretch their buying power, which is so important in today’s economy,” added Denio. “Equally important is the stimulus this program provides small businesses whether they are farmers, suppliers, producers, nurserymen or manufacturers.”

With assistance from the State, Denio’s has conducted intensive training with its farmers and market vendors to insure the success of the program and to continue the best possible customer service.

Denio’s is open every Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., rain or shine. The Friday outdoor market is also open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Denio’s encourages other farmers or market vendors to join the operation. For more information about this program email Denio’s at EBT@DeniosMarket.com or visit www.DeniosMarket.com or call (916) 782-2704.

Denios on KCRA Channel 3

Click here to see video.

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